Luleå Guided Kayak Tour

Length of tour: 4 hours (incl. 2 hours transfers and preparation)
Pickup from hotel: optional (no extra cost)
Fixed Time: 10:00 – 14:00
Minimum number: 2 people
Clothing/Equip supplied: Kayak, paddle, safety equipment

There is no better way to experience the beauty of the Bothnian Bay than by kayak! Take a relaxing paddle in the shallow protected bays and coastline around Brändön as we explore one of the islands in the 1400 island archipelago from the seaside. Your guide will fit you to your high-quality kayak and ensure you are seaworthy before we set out on a memorable trip from our launch point to secluded locations your guide has selected depending on wind direction and weather conditions that day.

None of our tours are the same because we often see seals, seagulls, sea eagles and the occasional moose as we paddle to a point where we take a break on land for some pictures and a stretch before continuing.

Visitors from the UK will refer to the Kayak as a canoe but both refer to the same lightweight boats. However, there are major differences! A Kayak usually encloses the person sitting in it and is faster on the water.

The regular canoe has an open structure on top where you can sit with extra space.

Kayak Technique

Learning a good technique will help you get speed, reduce energy and ensure comfort.

  • Let’s start from the top of the body – sit straight up but don’t lean on the backrest. Keep your shoulders relaxed and keep a straight, relaxed posture.
  • Your legs should be together and feet resting on the pegs underneath. Good practice is that your knees are slightly bent and able to press to the sides of the kayak for extra balance. This removes any wobble or shaking.
  • Rotate your whole torso while paddling, start slow and learn the technique where each paddle is entering the water at the same depth.
  • When the upper arm is in the air, keep it relaxed. A great energy saver.

We’ll give you some tips on using a Kayak in Luleå so don’t be concerned if you are a novice.

Here are some more tips on Technique

Luleå Kayak Tours provide an interesting way to see a small part of Swedish Lapland. Enjoy your trip!