Gammelstad Church Town Guided Tour

Season: Summer – Autumn
Tour Length: 2 hours
Start Location: Outside visitor centre in Gammelstad
Start Time: 14:00
Number of Guests: Minimum 2 people, maximum 10
Clothing/Equip supplied: None
Extras: Includes drinks and snack

The famous UNESCO World Heritage site of Gammelstad contains a church village which dates back to the 14th century. This quaint little village is a popular tourist destination in Luleå. Our guide will take you around the village and give you a detailed historical commentary regarding the more than 400 church cottages situated around a medieval stone church. The church cottages are still used as summer houses and for church events in the traditional manner and retain their original charm.

The church is still very much in use today and apart from being the regular church services it is very popular for weddings and even musical concerts with its ambient acoustics and astounding church organ.

Gammelstad Church Town