A Day in the ArchipelagoSweden contains no less than 100,000 lakes – Fantastic for amateur and professional fishing enthusiasts. Swedish Lapland has its very own golden fishing grounds with species of fish including Arctic Char, Grayling, Brown Trout and Salmon.

Northern Sweden contains some of the biggest rivers including the Torne river, Kalix river, Piteå river, Luleå river, Umeå river and Skellefteå river for more challenging fresh water fly fishing trips. We would highly recommend using a tour guide to find the best spots for your activity and guiding you through some of the rougher terrain.

Winter fishing offers the advantage of fishing without a boat, drilling a hole through the ice and setting up camp. Luleå, the largest city in Swedish Lapland offers exceptional ice fishing. Some of the professional ice fishers wheel small cabins on top of the ice to offer some protection from the icy cold temperatures, all with built-in wooden stoves and refreshments!

Check out the following places for top class fishing destinations in Sweden:

Fishing Tour in LuleåJockfall – Located on the Kalixälv (pronounced kalix-elv) River – perfect for salmon fishing. Seasonal months for fishing are between June and August. Of course, Midnight Sun will allow you to fish in daylight.

Arvidsjaur – Plenty of private lakes containing pike, trout, arctic char and bass. You could easily be the only people around in this beautiful wildnerness and comfortably stay in tents or private guest houses.

Nordic Alaska – Provides an opportunity for hikers to enjoy fishing in this rugged landscape which is surrounded by the Stekenjokk mountains and broad views of scattered rivers and wildlife.

How to Get to Northern Sweden

Flights to Luleå

If you’re travelling internationally by plane to the main airport in Stockholm (Arlanda airport), then it’s just a case of getting to the ‘domestic’ flight gate to fly up to Luleå Airport.  Arlanda airport is relatively small compared to other international airports and this makes it easy to navigate to the domestic gate. It is well sign-posted and easy to walk around.

Your destination is Luleå airport and flight time is around 1 hour and 15 minutes. It’s a busy little flight and very popular, so make sure you book in advance. Once you have arrived at the airport it takes around 10 minutes to get to the city either by bus, taxi, pre-booked minibus or car rental.

Travel By Train to Luleå

If you like to experience the beauty of the countryside then we recommend travelling by train to Luleå. It’s a long journey, around 12 hours. A restaurant and licensed bar is available on the train too. We highly recommend booking an overnight bed carriage as sitting on a seat could be quite uncomfortable for a long time – especially with kids. But, you could save some money by having a chair only!

Travelling By Bus

This is another option – travel time is around 15 hours. Buses have toilets, fairly comfortable but no food available. So, being prepared with some food and liquids is a definite.

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