Visit Luleå – The Gateway to the north of Sweden 

All year round attractions bring visitors to this beautiful city. Situated at the top of the Gulf of Bothnia in Swedish Lapland. Summer brings the midnight sun and winter the endless outdoor activities of our extremely snowy winters.


Cosmopolitan Lifestyle in Luleå

Luleå South HarbourInhabitants of Luleå enjoy a quality lifestyle with a city that is expanding, but not overcrowded. Including a diverse range of restaurants, cosmopolitan cafés and hotels with cocktail and traditional bars to suit everyone’s taste. The city is compact, which allows everything to be within reasonable walking distance.

Luleå, the biggest city in Norrbotten, has a population of around 75,000 people.  This coastal city sits at the top of the Bay of Bothnia and includes Luleå’s amazing archipelago which has over 1300 islands – all reachable by boat.

During the summertime there are numerous early morning ferry boats travelling out to various islands where they can drop you off for the day. Bath all day or in the midnight sun! On some islands there are cafes, restaurants and island exploring adventures for all the family.

Beaches here are very sandy and several barbecue areas are freely available to cook food. The north and south harbours in central Luleå are the best places to catch the ferry boat.

Luleå’s port is deep enough for cruise liners to visit Luleå’s southern harbour (södra Hamn) and cruise ships travel between Luleå and Stockholm. Currently, new properties are being developed at the harbour area and will include a boating arena and more restaurants.

This is also a popular city for sports fans. Including Luleå Ice Hockey, Luleå Basket as well as many popular winter sports including skiing (downhill and cross-country), skating, fatbiking, snowmobiling and dogsledding tours.

Fast Pace Winter Sports

Luleå Dogsledding – Experience the power of your very own husky dog team.

Luleå Snowmobiling – Various Snowmobile Tours around Luleå over sea and land.

Seasonal Activities & Tours